Indian Ocean

The Seychelles

The beautiful, blue Indian Ocean. The Maldives and the Seychelles are well known honeymoon holiday destinations because of their stunning beaches and crystal clear sea, but despite sharing the same ocean there are some differences:


The Maldives




Maldives – comprised of many minute white sand islands. Even the largest island can be walked end to end in less than an hour. Many of the islands have a reef just moments from the island and
are uninhabited, perfect if you want to be on your own. Resorts have top notch food but you will need to book in advance for eating ashore. The best place to be is underwater. Either snorkeling or scuba diving may result in finding yourself in the company of turtles, dolphins, manta rays and reef sharks.


The Seychelles

Seychelles – bigger islands than the Maldives and therefore more local villages and nature reserves to explore. The islands are also more diverse; some islands are white sand and others have dramatic granite boulders. The food in the Seychelles has been influenced by the various colonies. You will find a mix of French, African, Chinese and Indian food. If you want to eat at a resort you will need to book in advance but on the larger islands there will be options for eating out locally. The Seychelles is equally spectacular underwater.


In the Maldives the main festival each year is Ramadan. The Eid Festival, celebrating the end of Ramdan, is an enjoyable way to explore the Islamic faith whilst feasting on the best food in the Maldives.

The Seychelles has bigger islands and a higher population than the Maldives and so there are more festivals and events. Highlights in the calendar to try and tie in with your cruising itinerary are:

  • The International Carnival of Victoria
  • Semain de la Francophonie
  • Round Table Beau Vallon Regatta
  • Subios Underwater Festival
  • Creole Festival
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