Italy – Bay of Naples and Amalfi Coast

Cruising along the Amalfi coast is an idyllic combination of gentle sailing, vibrant seaside towns and visiting secluded beaches inaccessible by land. And if you like island hopping, then visit the beautiful islands of Procida and Ischia in the north and Capri in the south without having to book long and inconvenient ferry journeys.

This is a popular tourist area with the nearby major tourist attractions of Mount Vesuvius and the ruins of Pompeii.

Summer is generally relatively short but very warm, with temperatures creeping into the low 20s by April and often reaching the 30s by July or even late June. Conditions for sailing are usually very gentle both around the bay and along the Amalfi coast, with light breezes in the morning increasing to moderate by the late afternoon. In the high season wind speeds rarely exceed around 13 knots. Those wishing to venture further from the bay and coastal areas may experience winds reaching the high teens or low 20s in the evening around the Pontine islands.

Capri Island 10.4km²
Lying 5km from the southern tip of the Bay, Capri is probably most well-known for its glamorous shops and fine restaurants and hotels, and its quaint streets can often get crowded during the summer months. Day visitors generally leave by the early evening so having a private charter boat will allow you to see Capri’s more relaxed side. The island also offers some fantastic surprises of natural scenery. As well as taking the chairlift from Anacapri up to Mount Solara, be sure to visit the Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra), a natural cave at the northwest of the island whose water is lit an incredible deep blue colour by the sunlight. Simply moor up at one of the available buoys near the cave and signal to one of the waiting rowing tour boats to be picked up.

One of the most adventurous ways to spend a day in the Gulf of Naples is to visit the Underwater Archaeological Park of Baia. This amazing submerged town was a favourite holiday resort among the ancient Romans and is known to have been frequented by Cicero, Nero and even Caesar. To experience this truly unique historical site for yourself just book a guided tour from the nearby Phlegean Fields Diving Centre (Centro Sub Campi Flegrei).

Ischia Island 46.3km²
Ischia is not only the largest and of the islands lying off the Bay of Naples; it is one of the most diverse in terms of sights and experiences for visitors from abroad. Alongside its sun-baked spa
towns it is also home to some impressive volcanic scenery in its centre as well as a few quiet botanical gardens on is western edge and, on the eastern side, near the town of Ischia, the hilltop Aragonese Castle (Castello Aragonese). It is also dotted with many thermal pools, a great option for those looking for something a little bit different to do while still having a relaxing time. With well-maintained and conveniently-situated marinas on the north, east and south coasts, Ischia is both a readily accessible and a highly rewarding place to visit.

Furore Fjord (Fiordo di Furore)

If you’re looking for a real change from the typical sights and features of the Amalfi coast, then the Furore Fjord is the perfect place to spend a day or two. Here a narrow sea inlet opens under a high road bridge onto a tiny pebble beach, forming a truly magical hidden cove accessible only via a narrow flight of stairs leading down from the village of Furore. The village itself has three beautiful main churches as well as a small “museum”, known as The Virtual Eco Museum of Furore, with a greenhouse, a herbarium and even an observatory.

Ravello and the Villa Cimbrone Gardens
It’s hardly surprising that the town of Ravello, lying a few kilometres to the north of Amalfi itself, is one of the most popular wedding destinations in the area. Situated high in the hills, the town’s gardens and balconies provide a broad panorama of blue ocean and verdant coastline for which it has rightly become famous. The Villa Cimbrone Gardens are an unmissable treat for any visitor to Ravello, presenting a true gem of English horticulture amidst some of the finest views that the Mediterranean has to offer. For those wanting to get truly involved in the life of the town, classical music recitals are held frequently throughout most of the year at the Annunziata Historic Building, and a bustling market is held every Tuesday morning at the Piazza del Duomo.


From April to the end of the summer there are events organised almost every evening. Highlights are:

Festival of Saint Antonio – July 4th

A celebration of the patron saint of the town of Anacapri. This is one of the largest festivals in Capri.

International Folklore Festival – August

Live music and folk dancing and plenty of opportunities to take part.

Settembrata Anacaprese – September

A festival to celebrate the grape harvest. This is 10 days of celebrating local produce and includes shows, competitions and games.

Capri Film Festival – December

Since 1991 Capri have hosted their own international film festival. This exclusive location attracts Italian artistes, Hollywood stars and many independent filmmakers keen to show their artistic talents.


Wine Festival – December

Held in the quaint village of Terra Murata this festival also has tastings of typical local dishes and various local shows.


La Festa di San Giorgio Martire –  April

A celebration in honour of the patron saint of Testaccio.

La Festa di Santa Restituta – May

This 3 day event shows how Ischia celebrate. The event is to commemorate the landing of the saint off the coast of San Montano beach. The event starts with the burning of a boat off the coast, there is then a parade with boats carrying a statue of the saint and then a firework display at midnight.

Scheria Cup 24 – May

This 24 hour around the island race attracts sailing boats from across the region. There are professional and amateur race categories.

La Festa di San Vito in Forio d’Ischia – June

Market stalls, processions, marching bands and firework displays.

Ischia Film Festival – June

The island of Ischia has featured in many movies. Cleopatra and The Talented Mr Ripley are the most famous. Ischia has their film festival in June and then it is followed just a week later with the Ischia Global Film & Music Fest. It’s a busy time in Ischia.

La Festa di Sant’Alessandro – August

Vibrant parades at the port of Ischia.






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