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Having spent the best part of ten years at sea, including time owning and running her own 56” charter sailing yacht in the Caribbean,  it was little surprise that on coming ashore, Fiona Williams would want to share her wealth of experience with others.  And so it was that Indigo Bay Luxury Yacht Charters was born -specialising in sourcing the worlds finest luxury crewed charter yachts and advising and organising tailor-made itineraries in some of the most beautiful sailing grounds on the planet.

Since then charter clients from all over the world have continued to benefit from Fiona’s unique combination of first hand experience, meticulous attention to detail and her infectious enthusiasm, stemming from her days running her own yacht, for organising the best possible experience for every single one of her guests.

Fiona is either a member of or has access to all the leading charter industry associations – ensuring compliance with the world-wide charter industry’s strict code of operating procedures.

Whilst bareboat charter operators have seen a consistent growth in catamaran bookings in recent years, it is only now that the luxury crewed sector is seeing this same increase.  With more and more clients looking to experience the multi-hull alternative, Fiona is now spending more and more time at charter shows, looking over these new yachts, meeting the crews and building up a database (born of first-hand experience, not simply hear-say) of quite simply the finest luxury crewed catamarans in the world.

Fiona’s business partner, Graham Laver, has worked in the yacht charter and yacht sales industry since the early 90’s. As Head of International Yacht Sales for Sunsail, he saw and responded to the exponential year-on-year growth in the popularity of the bareboat charter catamaran, which started in the Caribbean and continues in the Mediterranean and beyond. Trained in yacht manufacturing and marine industry management, and having worked with the some of the most successful catamaran yards in the world, Graham has gained a deep understanding of the builders and their design philosophies. Graham continues to work in the marine industry, advising purchasers of luxury catamarans for both private and charter use. All catamarans are definitely not the same and his knowledge of the benefits, and sometimes the pitfalls, of each of them will help our company to most effectively tailor your holiday to the needs of your party.

Fiona and Graham’s complementary skills and experience combine to make Indigo Bay Catamarans the number one choice for both luxury crewed and bareboat Catamaran charter.


Planning a luxury sailing holiday on a charter yacht is a super exciting project.  Where to go, how to get there, what type/size of yacht, which captain, which chef, what watersports are available, what will the weather be like, what’s the best itinerary, will the children enjoy it?

All these points and many more need to be considered – in detail.  Get any one of them wrong and somebody on board will probably be unhappy.

At Indigo Bay Catamarans we understand that whilst you may well have clear and informed opinions on some of these points, you will quite likely need help on others.  With extensive knowledge and first-hand experience of all the leading luxury catamaran models, we can advise which ones are best suited to your type of holiday as well as which are best suited to and available in your chosen location.

Based on your enquiry we will personally select a short-list of suitable yachts and discuss with you – in detail – the pros and cons of each one.  Being an independent broker we are not tied to any one particular fleet and can thus offer you any and every yacht that is suitable. Because we know most of the crews personally and understand their strengths and weaknesses we can choose the captain, crew and chef best suited to your party and what you want from yourcharter holiday.

If you are planning a self-sail (bareboat) charter, we will strive to recommend the charter operators with the best yachts and the highest reputation for maintenance and technical support in your chosen area. Furthermore, because we really know our boats, we can even guide you on each model’s sailing and handling characteristics, under sail or under power.

With every member of the Indigo Bay Catamaran team having spent at least some of their working life as a professional sailor, we know which yachts sail fast and which don’t, which are the more seaworthy, more spacious or more comfortable.  When a new model comes out, we are always at the front of the queue for a trial sail.

When it comes to planning your itinerary, with a combined sea-time listing literally hundreds of thousands of miles, there are few sailing grounds on the planet that at least one of us isn’t familiar with.

So whether you’re after calm clear waters, a culinary island hop, fishing, snorkelling, time ashore or fast windy sailing, we can help you plan the ideal itinerary – providing something for everyone on board.

We offer all this specialist advice free of charge.

Let us take the risk out of booking your charter.

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